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Focused on buying a 

high quality business to

continue the legacy that the current owner has built.



Edward McDonnell

is the Founder and Leader of Monroe Hill.

He is a passionate and hardworking engineer and entrepreneur.

Edward has assembled strong team of 

investors and advisors

with hundreds of years of operating and investing experience.


Monroe Hill seeks to purchase ONE, high quality company and have Edward McDonnell join the executive management team. I emphasize the ONE above, because Monroe Hill will be completely focused on managing a single company, not a portfolio of companies.

I aim to manage for the long term. I am not trying to buy a company to “flip” it in just a couple of years. Instead, I am focused on the long term success of the company.

Keeping strong middle management around is a key part of my vision. I will continue to cultivate talent and develop employees at the company.

I invite you to take part in providing opportunity for the next generation of passionate and determined Entrepreneurs.

​Other criteria I am looking for:

  • History of Profitability

  • Revenue $5M – $50M

  • Strong Mid-level Management



Edward McDonnell


I look forward to hearing from you.

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